Aga Khan Schools showcase their approach to education in India and Kenya

Client Aga Khan Schools : Association The International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate is renowned for providing a well-rounded education with an emphasis on both learning and ethics. And this is true of the Aga Khan schools in India and Kenya where their mission is to not only nurture homegrown talent, but to retain it, to benefit the student’s country and prevent the traditional ‘brain-drain’.

Socio-economic factors need not be a barrier here, with the school recruiting academically able children from poor backgrounds at no financial cost to their parents. Student, Japheth Otieno says “I come from the western side of Kenya. This school has given me opportunities I would otherwise not find at home. I’ve grown to know that I'm supposed to give back to my community. It’s led me to take leadership positions in the school so I can make my community better every day”.

A stroke of genius as a UK franchise outlines global ambition

Client Angela’s Swim School : Association BFA

Forty eight percent of primary school children are unable to swim the national curriculum requirement of 25 metres unaided. For former member of the British Olympic Team, Angela Wilson, that figure was shocking and she wanted to give kids a chance to experience what she did: “I believe that swimming is the secret to improving lives and changing lives - that’s what swimming did for my life, so I wanted to share that with others”.

Angela has been so successful in her ventures that she has now established franchises in both the UK and US and hope to go even more global: “I see it becoming a global swim school, I want to see this, not just throughout the UK, but I want to take it around the world.”


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