NM Group predicting energy network problems using big data

Client NM Group – Association IET

With an ever growing population and climate change, utility services face growing pressure to improve the resilience of services for customers and meet the challenges of the future. One way is to utilise technology to identify risk and plan for possible events before they've happened. NM Group is using big data to predict energy network problems using environmental factors and global weather patterns. Sophie Davison, Project Manager NM Group explains that “taking in big data sets, weather data, utility data, a lot of survey data…to provide predictive information on what the state of vegetation will be like at any time in the future."

Mining the biggest natural gas reserve in the southern North Sea

Client Neptune Energy : Association OGUK

With the impact of climate change at the forefront of our lives, energy companies know that they have to look to alternative sources. For Neptune energy, one of Europe’s largest independent exploration and production companies, working with Cygnus Asset helped them to do just that. By working together to mine the biggest natural gas reserve in the southern North Sea, the partnership has become the largest single producing gas field in the UK. For managing Director of Neptune Energy UK, Pete Jones, it was a risk worth taking: “We’re a young company, and we’re really starting to hit our stride a little bit, build momentum a little bit, and look broader and deliver more and more.”


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