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National Trials are held by the ISDS annually, each summer in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The top 150 sheepdogs and their handlers from each Nation compete for a chance to represent their country at the Annual International Trials, usually held in September. Each handler can enter a maximum of three dogs, but only two of these may run, the third being an ‘alternate’ dog who may be substituted for one of the two. The National Trials take place over three days.  There is also a “Brace” competition where handlers are working with two dogs together. England and Scotland have their Brace competition on a separate day, whereas Ireland and Wales test the Brace competitors over lunch time on each day of the trial.  This year the top 15 competitors from the Singles competitions will gain a place in the national team. Competition is fierce to gain one of these places.  Watch the action here!

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