About Us

Gemma Herbertson is the founder of Neuro Frontiers.She has a passion for bringing the science of neuroplasticity to the fields of education, rehabilitation and self-improvement. She is especially keen to raise awareness and bring resources to aid children with special needs, adults with neurological issues, and those who want to improve their general brain health and function.

Gemma is a mother of two children, one of whom had a brain tumour and a large area of his brain removed aged 4years. Going beyond the advised "fingers-crossed" approach from healthcare providers, Gemma began an incredible journey retraining and rehabilitating her son.Being told his achievements are remarkably spurred her on to further studies, working with others, and now wanting to share more of what is possible.

In 2019 she began "Neuro Frontiers", initially a private practice, and now with a greatly enhanced vision to bring awareness of neuroplasticity therapies and hope to at least 2million people in the world.

About the summit

Education: The Neuro Frontier is an online summit examining the role of neuroscience in education. The Summit is unique in bringing together incredible voices from academia, healthcare and education under one umbrella

The Summit will bring increased understanding of neuroplasticity and neuro-development, and how this might influence the how, when, where and what of teaching and learning.

The Summit will appeal to parents, professionals (therapists, healthcare practitioners and teachers), researchers and those involved in the pedagogical design. Throughout the Summit, attendees will be able to watch daily pre-recorded interviews and join in with live networking and discussion sessions.

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