At Jameson, we’re all about connection. Connecting you to your favourite artists. Local scenes to global communities. And everything in between.

This year, on the most untraditional traditional day there is, St. Patrick’s Day, we’re getting together with Jessie Reyez (and some of her friends) to celebrate and connect. Now, we can’t do it in person. But fear not. We’re here, with a bit of tech gear, and a solution. Bringing the local LIVE. Connecting the globes greatest scenes with your sitting room screens.

So, join us this St. Patrick’s Day for a celebration like no other. As we connect Jessie Reyez and friends with you. And all you’ve got to do is… Join in.

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As a long-time friend of the brand, Jameson is enabling Jessie to support a cause that is very close to her heart. Al Otro Lado provides holistic legal and humanitarian support to indigent refugees, deportees, and other migrants in the US and Tijuana through a multidisciplinary, client-centered, harm reduction-based practice. They provide direct, free, legal services on both sides of the US-Mexico border and beyond.


Jessie Reyez has been lighting up the music industry for the past few years. Her sound transcends and connects multiple genres, R&B and Hip Hop to Soul and Rock.

Jessie Reyez

Kojaque is part of a new wave of Irish artists flooding the world with blistering and sophisticated literature.


Junia-T’s incredible creative influence and contagious positive vibes will instantly win you over.


Described as a limber lyricist, Denise has been credited with contextualizing Irish hip hop.

Denise Chaila

Savannah Ré has become one of R&B’s brightest new voices by making music withan unyielding intention.

Savannah Ré

Unorthodox Coolock has been turning heads and pleasing ears with his talent for telling unique and personal stories matched only by his quick turn of phrase.

Unorthodox Coolock

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